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‘Piece’ be still for praise is my weapon – Transcript

15 Nov

Piece! Be Still for Praise is my Weapon

Dr. Daintee Jones and Minister Frank Henry sing a duet called The Prayer by Carole Bayer Sager

Welcome to the House that Dignity Built. I’m Dr. Daintee Glover Jones, and I am humbled that you are listening to our November 13 message of our 2016-17 series called “The Sum of Peace”. For the months of November and December, our speakers will continue to be on one accord by speaking and teaching about the concept of praise’s effect upon peace in our land. Previously, we spoke about prayer and peace. I want to give a special thanks to Minister Frank Henry for helping me to begin this message with a praise offering to God via the song, The Prayer, written by lyricist Carole Bayer Sager and previously covered by Yolanda Adams, Minister Donnie McClurkin, Celine Dion, and Josh Groban. Today’s message is called “Piece! Be Still for Praise is my Weapon”. May God add a blessing of peace to this word, and may He use me to encourage, empower, and inspire us to move towards peace. Amen.

Minister Sola Adele, a House that Dignity Built minister, taught from his October 22nd sermon, “Prayer and Peace”, from the scripture Mark 4:39 that reads “And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm”. He stressed the power that Jesus declared to his disciples. This power is faith-based and full in its potency. While the bible uses the word peace that is spelled p-e-a-c-e, I am using the homonym of the word that is spelled p-i-e-c-e. I am using the word piece as a slang term for a gun. Additionally, I am using piece to describe a fragment of one’s mind that occurs as confusing thoughts or broken ideas.

Years ago, on a beautiful sunny day, I left Miller Theater at Hermann Park in Houston, TX after a rehearsal for a summer show. As I exited the building, humming some song about freedom, a car full of youths passed by me. One of the youth pointed a gun at me, and I froze. He saw my shock, put the gun back in the car, and then laughed at me. I praise God that he didn’t decide to shoot me. I don’t even know if the gun was real. All I know is that I thought that was my last moment. Some people say their lives flash before their eyes during this kind of encounter, but that wasn’t my experience. All I remember was staring at the young man and his gun.

Afterwards, I could have decided not to be in public places any longer. I could have determined that I shouldn’t leave my home. I could have developed a fear of young men. I could have made many decisions based upon the memory of the fear that I felt, but I serve a god who is larger than any fear that I can have. I know that I will die one day. That day at the theater was not my ordained home-going day, and I refuse to live a life of fear because a life of joy and peace is so much more pleasant.

Stories of gun violence are constantly in the media. Some say that we are in the last days because of this violence. I don’t know if that’s true; especially since violence is an age-old dynamic. One can observe that in the Book of Genesis, chapter 4 tells of the violence between Cain and Abel. That was centuries before Jesus had arrived in a physical body, so one can see that violence is not a new trend.

Just as one can find scripture of violent encounters, one can also seek scripture that offers a formula for peace in the midst of violence and fear. God’s people figured out that praise is a weapon that restores peace. Our world could have more peace if others would curtail the usage of their guns and engage in praise as a weapon of peace. Why bother to use praise as a weapon of peace? The word shows that praise is linked to God’s voice, God’s reason for creating the world, and to God’s protection.

Praise lets people hear God’s voice. Sister Vanessa M., a local songbird, offers Psalm chapter 95, verses 6-7 to support this claim:
6 Come, let us bow down in worship,
let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;
7 for he is our God
and we are the people of his pasture,
the flock under his care.
Today, if only you would hear his voice,
When King David suggests bowing down in worship, this is the same act as bowing down in praise. As the people worship, they are focused upon God’s words that are offered back to Him as accepted truth. Once these words are offered as a praise sacrifice, they have the power to bring more knowledge and discernment about what is in the world today. Verbal praise affects our brains’ language centers to help us to recognize our communication with the Father as a real encounter. We are wired for praise and worship.

We praise because even non-human parts of God’s creation have the power to praise. Praise is a reason that God’s kingdom exists. Sister Ramona B. of Team Heart & Soul mentions Luke chapter 19, verses 38-40 as scripture that explains praise:
38 Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!”[b]
“Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”
39 Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!”
40 “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.
Jesus was explaining that God created all of the earth to have the ability to praise Him.

Praise brings protection. A House that Dignity Built supporter and Master Life graduate, Brother Bobby Felder, suggests the Psalm chapter 20, verses 6-9 to depict this evidence.
6 Now this I know:
The LORD gives victory to his anointed.
He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary
with the victorious power of his right hand.
7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.
8 They are brought to their knees and fall,
but we rise up and stand firm.
9 LORD, give victory to the king!
Answer us when we call!

Similarly, 2 Chronicles chapter 20, verses 20-22 reads:
…As they set out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Listen to me, Judah and people of Jerusalem! Have faith in the LORD your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.” 21 After consulting the people, Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the LORD and to praise him for the splendor of his[c] holiness as they went out at the head of the army, saying:
“Give thanks to the LORD,
for his love endures forever.”
22 As they began to sing and praise, the LORD set ambushes against the men of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir who were invading Judah, and they were defeated.

These scriptural verses show that God has the power to defeat those who would choose to bring harm to us. God hears our calls of praise and grants His protection in return for this praise. So one sees that praise works against troubled mindsets, physical attacks, and principalities. Am I saying that one doesn’t need to bear arms for protection? I am not; I’m simply stressing the power of praise as a weapon that defeats the enemy because praise calls the father to our minds and bodies.

So praise God, and let your piece or gun be still!
Even if it is a toy gun, let your piece be still. Some have been accidentally killed because they carried toy guns.
If one hears voices moving one to kill innocent people in movie theaters or classrooms, take time to seek help so that the pieces of one’s mind can be still.
Peace! Be still! Our community needs its young people.
Peace! Be still! Our soldiers desire help when they return to civilian life after learning to become warriors.
Peace! Be still! Our ex-offenders that are able to re-integrate into society need employment with livable salaries.
Peace! Be still! There’s room for difference in our world.
Peace! Be still! Abused people are taught to abuse, so generational curses need to be broken.
Peace! Be still! We don’t have to lose our homes even if we return to a recession within our economy.
Peace! Be still! Our children are protected by the Father and are ours to teach the goodness of God.
Peace! Be still! Put down the bottle of pills or booze.
Peace! Be still! For the battle is not ours, it’s the Lord’s. 2 Chronicles 20:15

And finally, Sister Jacqueline G. offers this psalm of praise in Psalm chapter 103, verses 1-5:
1 Praise the LORD, my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
2 Praise the LORD, my soul,
and forget not all his benefits—
3 who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases,
4 who redeems your life from the pit
and crowns you with love and compassion,
5 who satisfies your desires with good things
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

So my brothers and sisters, God is worthy of all praise since He has the power to grant us understanding, opportunity, and protection. Praise Him like the wind when it hums. Praise Him like the birds as they sing. Praise Him like the flowers as they open up to show their beauty. Praise Him as you visualize your answered prayer. Praise Him as He manifests your harvests. Praise Him since He died for our sins. Oh, praise Him!
As I close this message, I pray that you and yours are covered by His anointing because of your continued praise and obedience. May you walk in abundance and peace. May His favor be upon you. May you see His promises and covenant within your life.

And finally, you can find a transcript of this message on our blog page of our website, Stay tuned for our lesson activity that we’ll post on Tuesday, November 15 on the Lesson Activities tab of the same website.
I am Dr. Daintee G. Jones of The House that Dignity Built. Amen and ashe’.


5 Nov

Minister Sola Adele, Pastor of Cross2Freedom Ministries, served as a guest minister for The House that Dignity Built. His message, Prayer & Peace can be found at

He has a YouTube channel at where he has preached various messages on prayer, hope, and the Holy Spirit for five years. Pastor Adele is on fire for the Lord, so we honor his work, and pray for continued power for his holy path.

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