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InsideOutZen: A holistic option for weight loss

24 Jul

Dear Dignity in Direction readers,

I am writing to highlight information about a healing hydrotherapy company that is located in Houston, TX. InsideOutZen, located at 6515 Corporate Drive, is a colonics service that was founded by Ms. Janice Jackson. When my body is imbalanced from dehydration, weight gain, or toxins, I use this service in order to regain a sense of homeostasis.

Ms. Jackson is both professional and well-informed. She is well-versed in the field of healthcare services, and deeply cares about her clients’ well-being.

In order to contact Ms. Jackson, visit my website at for her information.

Direct your path to enjoy your journey!

Dr. Daintee G. Jones
Founder of The Dignity in Direction Group

Fight againt violence

8 Jul

I have a question for you. If history repeats itself, do you see some patterns? The pendulum has swung far enough for us to observe them, such as riots, Lynch notions, strange fruit on the streets instead of trees, a shooting in Dallas, and a Rosa Parks-like woman who sat in her car instead of a bus while filming the death of her fiancĂ©. Prayer, praise, policy change, participation, and persistence worked before, so please be part of this healing. Our country needs it. We need this right now, and we, the silent majority, who take care of our families and work hard in the workplace have the power to affect revolutionary peaceful change. We are David in the face of the giant. Is your slingshot ready? Then, take aim at violence, ignorance, poverty, and inequality with your compassion and leadership skills instead of guns. Are you ready? I see your greatness, and I’m not the only one. Let’s get to work.