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Samaritan’s Feet at The Community of Faith Church

3 Apr

Samaritan’s Feet Event at the Community of Faith Church

Dear victorious job/career seekers,

I want to share some news about the power of volunteering as you seek your next position. I spent some time volunteering for a Samaritan’s Feet event( that was held on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at the Community of Faith Church (

My duties were to wash the feet of children and youth, say a prayer for them, and give them a new pair of shoes. It was both a humbling and joyful experience as I adjusted my conversation skills for each age group, dusted off my limited Spanish, and recalled the alphabet for sign language. I even sang a song in Latin because I didn’t know how to pray in Spanish.

In life, we never know when we will put our skills to use, so hold onto to all of them. I know that I touched some hearts on that day because I received handshakes, smiles, and hugs from the children and their parents. Who knows? Maybe, my next employer, mentor, or co-worker was at that event!

Direct your path to enjoy your journey!
Dr. Daintee G. Jones
The Dignity in Direction Group